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Sonoscape s20 ultrasound scanner


Sonoscape s20 ultrasound scanner


Technical specifications

Large LCD monitor with a diagonal of 17 "
Touch Control Panel
4 active ports for connecting sensors
Operating frequency range: 1-15 MHz
Scanning modes:
В, М, В / М, В / В, 4В, Fabric harmonic
Changing the zoom in real time and still pictures
Color, energy, directional energy, pulse-wave doppler, HPRF (recording high blood flow velocities), constant-wave, tissue doppler
Duplex, triplex modes
Compound Imaging (Ultrasonic Swing Mode)
Trapezoidal scanning on linear sensors
FreeHand 3D - a mode of superficial three-dimensional reconstruction
Anatomical M-mode, Color M-mode, Panoramic scanning
MicroScan speckle suppression technology
Digital workstation:
Hard Drive 500 GB, CD / DVD-RW, USB 2.0, Ethernet, DICOM 3.0
Calculations for obstetrics, gynecology, angiology, urology, orthopedics, surface organs, cardiology, the possibility of assessing the cardio-vascular system, the fetal brain, the derivation of fetal growth curves, the automatic analysis of the thickness of the intima-media complex
Creating and importing reports with the ability to add images
Maintaining patient DB, the ability to save and retrieve images, clips, 3D images on various fields of the database